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A new name and brand for a field sales app business


The existing Honeybee-app brand had great traction in the South African market, with a proven track record within all its customer base, but the brand as a whole was not doing the company and the product any justice.

Simplr was approached to rebrand the company with the new name of Skynamo. We had carte blanche on the identity, colour palette imagery and fonts.


We did a competitor analysis within their existing field and developed a unique colour palette to set them apart from any of their competitors. Along with a refreshed colour palette we created a bespoke visual language system supported by a new image library and vector illustration bank.

Project Included

Brand identity design
Visual identity system
Corporate stationery collateral
PPT & Word templates
Basic promotional collateral
Brand guidelines

A snapshot of the original brand


We chose 3 functional font families to be the cornerstone of the Skynamo Brand. Avenir Next for its versatility and adaptability across print and online digital platforms. Montserrat as a support digital font and the trusted Arial to be the primary font for all internal / external template documentation such as Word and PPT.

Skynamo Logo Grid

Brand system

The Skynamo business has a great field sales app that is developed for key specific clients as well as a standard app for the broader market. To this end we needed to develop a descriptor system for the brand to easily allow people to identitfy which version of the field sales app they were operating in. A selection of images were chosen and treated to support a unique colour overlay system that defined the Skynamo brand.

Skynamo Logo Subtext

Brand application

Once all the brand elements had been created and the system refined it was easy to roll out the visual style across all the companies required collateral creating a strong, easily recognisable brand for Skynamo.

Brand guidelines

A full set of brand guidelines were required for client to distribute to their respective offices and suppliers.

The brand guidelines covered all aspects of the brand from identity make-up and usage through to the visual style construction and application across the various brand touchpoints.