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We’re driven by creativity and rooted in technology. We’re passionate about building meaningful brands.

Simplr creates unified and user-centric brand experiences with strong foundations in technology. We drive strategy, design brands, tell stories, develop websites, build apps, launch campaigns, and so much more to best meet your business objectives. We also help you to make an impact, bringing your brand ethos to life in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Our approach

Straightforward, unapologetic, passionate, team players.

We keep it simple. We’re both agile and strategic, converting ideas into execution for real-world results. We can also jump in to solve a specific problem, explore an idea, or build an experience. We do it all by working closely with you and your team.

Our Services

  • Strategy & Consulting

    To be strategic is to take action in a planned and considered way; it involves the understanding of both the problem and desired outcome.

    Simplr intimately understands the importance of delivering its services from a strategic vantage point. We know that it is through key insights and understandings of the market, industry, client and customer that better results can be achieved from the work we do.

    Driven by insight, Simplr delivers Brand and Digital solutions that resonate with client markets, industries, stakeholders and succinctly aligns delivery to consumer need and expectation.

    Nimble, Simplr is able to pick up your brand at any point of its lifecycle and carry it through to the next level delivering:

    • Research and workshop immersion
    • Name generation
    • Brand architecture development
    • Brand strategy
    • Marketing strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Digital strategy
    • Brand consulting
  • Branding & Design

    It’s not just a Job! When tackling new brands, at Simplr, we like to immerse ourselves and truly understand what the needs of our clients and their business is. A brand isn’t just a logo and a visual language, it’s a comprehensive system that flows cohesively across all aspects of the brand, tying it together in one look, to stand out and be recognized by their audience. We understand that a brand is a representation of not only of its product but its people, service, culture and essence. Taking this into account we strive to create unique and memorable brands that will serve as a solid foundation for your business.

    • Logo design
    • Brand identity systems
    • Brand design & custodianship
    • Packaging design
    • Event and exhibition design
    • Signage and environmental design
    • Publication design
    • Annual report design
  • Digital Experiences

    User experience and the customer journey are at the heart of all our digital products. Through a process of iteration and prototyping, we combine insights, objectives and design systems to create digital experiences for all devices. We help connect brands with their audiences by simplifying the chaos. Resulting in a stronger relationship between the brand and your audience.

    • Experience design UI/UX
    • Content strategy
    • Design systems
    • Mobile responsive design
    • Front-end development
    • Interactive prototyping
    • CMS implementation
    • Ecommerce
    • Conversion rate optimisation
  • MS Template Creation

    A large part of any client engagement, other than a company website, is your Microsoft documents and templates. These MS documents are used for all your day-to-day communication with internal staff and external clients and or suppliers and are a vital sales tool for any business.

    At Simplr we understand the vital role that all these templates play within a business and the value that they add. We have a team that focuses on every aspect of these templates and can assist your business with the following:

    • Brand style PPT & Word template system creation
    • PPT template visual & icon bank creation
    • PPT Presentation style and development
    • PPT & Word Presentation clean-up
    • Word fact sheet development
    • Interactive form generation – PDFs'
Case studies

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