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Establishing a luxury travel agency


Ikewana is a luxury travel agency that specializes in seamless and memorable travel experiences for the sophisticated traveller. Born out of a common passion for Africa and with more than 26 year’s experience in hospitality & tourism, Ikewana tasked Simplr to bring their vision to life.


Simplr answered with a distinctively elegant brand that takes inspiration from the continent it seeks to represent. Refined topographic lines add texture to print collateral in the form of high-end print finishes, while full bleed aerial photography of African landscapes display Africa’s full splendour. Our work included everything from name generation to identity development, print collateral and web design.

Project Included

Name Generation
Identity design
Visual language development
Website design


We chose a uniquely African name – Ikewana, meaning “the chosen one” to keep within our clients strong love for Africa.

Typeface & colours

The Butler and Hurme type families were chosen respectively for their timeless elegance and sophistication, while the primary colours were kept neutral to offset the muted secondary colour palette that takes inspiration from the African landscape.

Visual language

In developing Ikewana’s visual language we identified a need to differentiate the retail from the corporate in the two differentiating styles below. (Please drag the arrows to the left and right to reveal the two styles.)

All corporate collateral carries the topographic lines on Ikewana's primary colours (seen on the left) while all customer facing collateral makes use of full bleed aerial photography of the African landscape (seen on the right).

Iconic Africa Brandmark

We created an iconic Africa shaped brandmark that echoes the topographic lines we used in the corporate branding to be used as a standalone brand device on corporate clothing and livery.

Browse various exciting destinations

Ikewana offers an array of exclusive an exciting holiday destinations. Beautiful photography and iconography in both the website and programmes entice the user to explore them at their own leisure.

Homepage design

In designing the Ikewana homepage we wanted to move away from the cumbersome design of so many other travel sites. A search bar above the fold helps to guide the user to use it while a clean layout enhances user experience and ease of use.
Ikewana Website Homepage


All web and newsletter design was adapted to mobile for ease of use.

It’s true what they say about Africa. That its beauty is like no other, that its children’s smiles shine brighter and that upon meeting the unspoilt natural world and its wildlife, you will be forever changed. This is a different kind of journey, one where hearts are touched and souls are moved. We welcome you to immerse yourself in the best that this magnificent continent has to offer, safe in the knowledge that your being here ensures its very survival.