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Enigma Alliance

Building a website for an innovation company


Enigma Alliance delivers solutions for today’s rapidly changing world and has two areas of expertise. The first is Enigma Smart Site Services offering secure camp solutions ideal for remote or challenging environments. From secure accommodation to modular water solutions and gyms, Enigma Site Services offers camp services designed by a team with years of experience operating in conflict-affected zones. The second portfolio, Enigma Tech, focuses on technology working alongside and investing in the tech companies of tomorrow from private aviation to virtual reality.


Simplr designed and built a world class website to showcase what the brand does best. Helping Enigma-Alliance forge ahead with a well crafted communication tool.

Project Included

Website Design
Website Development

The Simplr team did it again. Having worked with Simplr across several of the Chelsea Group brands, Simplr always manages to give each brand their unique stamp while maintaining that common thread of quality that connects all the sites that they have designed for us. Rather than a simple showcase, this is a site that is able to evolve as Enigma Alliance continues to grow.
Vanessa Mcculloch Marketing Manager, Chelsea Group