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Redefining the logistics landscape in Africa


Continual is part of Afgri Group Holdings and as a non-asset based independent logistics provider started redefining logistics in the food, agriculture, mining and financial sectors in 2017.


We created a distinct and meaningful visual identity system centred around the brands core purpose of analysing logistics in the supply chain and applying it to unlock maximum value for their customers.

Project Included

Identity Design
Visual Identity system
Website Design
Website Development


Identity development

A large part of Continual's offering is analysing data derived from the value chain and optimising it for revenue opportunities and cost savings. The percentage symbol is thus central to Continual's day to day operations. We created this simple but striking logo icon to demonstrate this. The logo icon can be used as a stand alone brandmark on collateral or as part of the logotype as demonstrated below.


We chose Chalet to be the cornerstone of the Continual Brand’s print collateral for its bold simplicity. Open Sans acts as a support digital font and Arial as the primary font for all internal / external communication such as word and powerpoint.


The bold signage we created for Continual is instrumental in attracting new customers and turning foot-traffic into sales.

Continual Brochure Spread
Continual Business Card

Educational powerpoint presentation

Continual approached us to create and educational Powerpoint presentation that can be used to pitch to future investors to invest in their logistics optimization programme, in less than 20 minutes. This required an in-depth knowledge of not only the brand but the logistics landscape in South Africa in general.

Simplr set out to condense the overwhelming amount of information into easily absorbed tit bits by writing intriguing copy and creating a storyboard for the presentation. The end result is the data rich presentation below that creates the illusion of being connected through all the slides by a continuous red line representing Continual.