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SA Décor & Design

A platform to inspire your next interior project


SA Décor & Design is a media house specialising in a sourcing guide for the Décor and Design industry.

Their website was extremely slow , scoring poorly on Google Page Speed ranking and their UI was cluttered and confusing. The new strategy was to move away from a purely catalogue driven experience into also showcasing supplier's product offerings.


In order to do this, Simplr was required to rethink the entire user experience and site navigation. The new site needed to reflect the modern, clean design ethos of the interior design world.

We rebuilt the site on a lightweight responsive framework. Suppliers can keep their information up-to-date through a customer dashboard, while also being able to load products and projects.

Project Included

UI/UX design
Creative Direction
Front-end development
Back-end development
Content Management System



When selecting typefaces we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The Raleway font family provides a lot of variations needed for a digital platform where various CTA’s are used. DM Serif provided an elegant yet modern addition and is used strategically to enhance the ambiance of the website


To keep the website simple, we created an icon library for all the main Supplier and Product categories. These icons are only used on Supplier profile pages to indicate to the user all the categories of the Supplier.

Finding inspiration

Finding the right supplier or professional for your next decor and interior project isn’t easy. SA Decor and Design’s new website is the launchpad to help you through this often difficult process. With this in mind, the site architecture was rebuild to allow users to freely explore content woven around different suppliers and brands that featured their landing pages, products, catalogues and projects. The homepage is where it all begins.
SA Décor Design Website Homepage

Suppliers & Products

The two main categories of the website is Supplier and Products. The user has the option to either browse through the directory of suppliers by category or through products that has been uploaded by suppliers. Because not all suppliers will be able to provide products, we wanted to give the two categories equal realistate on the website.

SA Décor Design Website Explore Suppliers
SA Décor Design Website Featured Products

Supplier journey

The mega-menu was designed in order to reduce the steps that leads a user to a result. The main priority was to keep the user-journey as simple as possible. The end result is to land on a specific Supplier profile page.

SA Décor Design Website Supplier Journey Mobile
SA Décor Design Website Supplier Journey Mobile

Product journey

With the introduction of products to the new site, the main priority is for the user to find a specific product that will either lead them to a Supplier profile page where they can enquire or directly to a Supplier's website where they can buy the product online.

Profile pages

The Supplier landing page is a snapshot of the supplier – a place where they can provide information about themselves, their services, products and projects and share videos. It also provides a dedicated hub for all the blog posts that has been featured on the ‘Marcia loves it blog’.
SA Decor client landing profile page

The blog

The ‘Marcia loves it’ blog is a big online driver for SA Decor’s clients so we wanted to create a space where users can feel inspired. The main objective of the blog is its shareability and also directing the user to the Supplier profile pages.


Supplier catalogues are still a great way for users to be able to access the latest supplier service and product offerings. The catalogues are easy to filter through the categories, downloadable and can be viewed on multiple devices.


The Wishlist was an additional feature we wanted to include in the website as we felt it provided a lot of added value to the user – it creates a dedictaed space where the user can ‘pin’ or save suppliers, products, catalogue of blog posts.
SA Décor Design Website Wishlist

About SA Decor & Design

In the main navigation we created ‘more’. This is where the user can find out about the brand, it’s advertising potential etc. The objective was to keep this section secondary as the ‘priority’ level for the user to see this upfront is lower.

Client portal

Suppliers can keep their content up-to-date through the client portal. They can add products and projects. Resulting in a flexible, easy to use client dashboard.