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Cecilia’s Farm

Creating a digital world of true deliciousness


Cecilia’s Farm offers a wide range of premium dried fruit, nuts and treats. Taste, quality, transparency and innovation is their core focus whilst they produce their products on the original farm. Koelfontein is a special and magical place, built upon traditional farm values with a rich South African heritage.

Simplr was tasked to rethink, position, design and build Cecilia’s Farm’s eCommerce online shopping experience.


So firstly, we visited the farm, met the people, studied the processes and best of all, tasted the entire range of products on offer. Through this, we were able to bring our tactile experience to life, digitally. At heart, we focused on showing the products in their truest form through beautiful untouched close-up photography. Secondly, we integrated the lifestyle element of the farm by making use of recipes and general farm life.

Project Included

UX Design
Website Design
Website Development


Original packaging

Focusing on user experience

During our discovery phase, we concluded that our fundamental aim was to create a balance between shopping and lifestyle. Detailed planning, site architecture, wireframes and prototypes helped us steer our goal in the right direction.

Leveraging on the existing brand

The new digital brand experience compliments the integrity of the existing visual language and tone of Cecilia’s Farm (the brand) i.e product packaging and marketing collateral. The colour palette serves as a visual apparatus to identify categorical elements and the combination of typefaces (Serif and Sans serif) creates visual harmony between tradition and innovation.

The shopping experience

We designed the shop to be simple and easy to use. For this reason, it takes centre stage on the navigation. The user can easily move between categories and once the shop action has been activated, additional filtering criteria creates flow and ease to the instinctive shopping experience.

I have now used Simplr for several digital & website projects and have been absolutely wowed by their professionalism, genuine interest, commitment and on deadline delivery, not to mention a great balance between creative design and functional business orientation. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with the team and they are the first digital agency I have been happy to recommend in a very long time.
Anneleigh Jacobsen The Brand Conservatory

Lifestyle through recipes

Cecilia’s Farm is so much more than just an end product. To show this, we dedicated an entire section to recipes. The purpose is to educate the user on more progressive ways of incorporating dried fruit and nuts to ones daily life.

Life on the farm

We used the real-estate of the footer to bring the farm to life through beautiful and captivating imagery. This is used throughout the site as each main section shows a unique characteristic of the farm.