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Closing the gap between Verticurl and its Motherbrand, Ogilvy


In an effort to better align Verticurl brand equity and offering toward its' holding company, Ogilvy, Simplr was commissioned to migrate their green and black brand closer to the iconic red used by the house agency, Ogilvy.


A refresh to the brand, drawing on a strong emphasis to the various existing Ogilvy attributes, whilst ensuring that Verticurl retains some of it’s uniqueness so that existing customer bases can remain confident in the the brand they currently know.

Project Included

Identity refresh
Visual language
Website Design
Website Development



Aligning to the fonts of Ogilvy, Verticurl provides a noted but non-invasive link to its holding company through the use of the Sans and Serif typefaces.

Color palette

Ogilvy's brand equity is important and with it comes a unique personality that we had to preserve whilst introducing a similar yet individualised look and feel. The Verticurl colour palette is based on two primary (red and blue) and four secondary (cyan, purple, pink and green) colours to ensure the link is created without removing its individual identity.

Verticurl Business Cards
Verticurl Stationery


Insights to the business' core offering provided us with direction into developing icons. Clean and simple line icons provide an expressive visual description whilst being easy on the eye for simple interpretation.

Visual language

Leveraging on the concept of a seemless, integrated sales cycle, brought through the concept of morphing the logo element in the background, symbolically demonstrating the branding being behind everything they put their name to.

The blurring affect applied to further soften the visual cue of the logo element, but still ensure its presence is well noted.


The photographic style for the Verticurl brand is eclectic to say the least! Not wanting to constrain the brand to a certain style we kept it quite loose with a mixed focus of abstract movement and energy, technology and lifestyle that is authentic, unstaged, point of view images of people using devices/technology.


In today's digital-first world, we knew that their site needed to work exceptionally hard to convey the new look while not only maintaining, but emphasising Verticurl's personality, service offering and brand promises.

To achieve this, many hours of design and strategy went into how best to bring out Verticurl's desired culture, business approach, commitments and solutions but all the while ensuring it had become part of the Ogilvy family with clear colour, font and treatments now being employed.

Content meets Culture

Wherever possible, design would leverage imagery and Visual Language elements strategically, to either directly or indirectly provide the user with brand personality/promises/culture.

A template was created for the three service offerings; Experience Management, MarTech Enablement and Consulting Services. Each service offering uses a unique colour based on the secondary colour palette. Photo masking is used in such a way to support and compliment the visual language.
Verticurl Consulting

All about the Flow

Information is consumed in byte-sized pieces, and to ensure that users are provided with tit-bit information pieces that gradually become more in depth as they opt-in to consuming more and more.

Again, note the use of visual elements, shorter sentences, portrait images, etc that all guide the user through the site and do so in an ‘easy-to-read’ way.

For the ‘about us’ page we wanted to create contrast to the rest of the ‘clean’ white pages of the website. We did so by using a flat blue background. We included images of all the cities Verticurl operates in to create visual appeal to emphasise the presence of Verticurl across the globe.
Verticurl About


A learning from pitches and new client meetings was that few realised the relationship between Verticurl and Ogilvy. The development of bespoke templates, seamlessly aligned to the website, provided Management and sales teams editable collateral for all client and stakeholder engagements.