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Making packaging more personal


In response to their revised positioning and messaging, Simplr partnered with IPL – a global supplier of customised luxury and premium packaging – to create an enhanced digital presence, to communicate the extensive possibilities they offer as meticulous packaging manufacturers.


Guided by in-depth research and grounded in a sound strategic framework, we set out to create a digital experience that captures the essence of IPL's expertise and values, and highlights how they stand out within the packaging landscape.

Project Included

UX & UI design
Creative direction
Frontend development
Backend development
Content management system


Telling the brand story through a robust digital interface

With our team crafting wireframes, user interfaces, and prototypes, we had a streamlined content structure in place, which laid the foundation for our web development process. The visual roadmap enabled us to effectively showcase IPL’s key messaging, service offerings, and accomplishments in a compelling and purposeful manner.

Harnessing the power of eye-catching visuals

IPL proved a truly creative and inspiring partner. They generously provided us with two sets of stunning visuals; one set which originated from a curated photoshoot and the second which displayed their extensive portfolio. The first set showed artfully captured images in a personal and tactile manner, with subjects holding their creations, while the second highlighted successfully executed projects – a true testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients.

Striking the perfect balance between colour and type

By capitalising on the carefully selected colours for the hero visuals, we strategically expanded on the brand’s colour palette to create a rejuvenating and timeless aesthetic. The integration of contrasting typefaces further contributed to achieving a harmonious and contemporary feel.

With our main goal to bring to life each package, we intentionally executed the website with plenty of white space mixed with text that complements the design.

Going beyond static images, we also added subtle micro animations and motions to make for a more dynamic interface. With visual storytelling front and centre, we focused on creating a smooth scrolling experience with movability that seamlessly guides users through the content.


Our design process included both desktop and mobile platforms and its nuances simultaneously, ensuring that both experiences are engaging and content is easy to navigate for users.

Our marketing team worked seamlessly with Simplr in helping IPL launch its new website. We found the Simplr team to be very commercially savvy and able to understand clearly the business objectives of the new site and its importance in respect of IPL's new positioning and messaging. The trick is then translating this understanding into a visual and practical representation of the agreed goals and we all think Simplr did an outstanding job of this for our website and we are all extremely proud of this very important piece of collateral we now have.
Ryan Broomberg Director IPL