1Map,  the only tool you’ll need to visualise data on a map

1 Map approached us to refresh their brand identity. The task was to review the brand and make it more cohesive through the development of a visual language style that was both literal and approachable.  We needed to ensure that the diagrams and product interfaces were easy to understand and use.

The brand needed to be differentiated from their competitors who favoured the use of blue in their identity.  We decided to use orange and grey as primary brand colours as we felt this would resonate with the mostly male, IT professional target market.

We also created a brand mark which could be used as a standalone brand device, both online and in traditional brand environments.

We developed an extensive colour palette that could be translated to the map development and area association to provide differentiation in the maps and data representation.   The secondary colour palette was developed to include 10 colours with sub shades.

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