Van Niekerk

Name Generation

Multiple Identity Design

Sales & Marketing collateral

Two brands, one individual

We developed an interesting identity system for Raymond van Niekerk to allow him to have two separate brands, one for him personally ‘Van Niekerk’ to promote himself and his extensive experience in the world of brand building and marketing as a consultant and the other, ‘Five Lincoln’ to promote his more business experiential offerings such as strategy, motivational speaking and brand building workshops.

Both identities had the letters ‘v’ & ‘n’ which allowed us to leverage the initials of Ray’s surname and create a unique device in both identities that would be the common thread to allow both companies to appear as one. By isolating the V&N we created a stand-alone icon that became the unifying mark for both companies.

For the two different companies we created various collateral, differentiating the two different companies by creating a white clean brand for the one company ‘Five Lincoln’ and a dark more playful brand for ‘Van Niekerk’.