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Meet Benson, the hotel management system with the big brain

Benson Software is a cloud based property management system (PMS), built to manage your hotel intelligently. From booking reservations, guest check-in and check-out, room assignment, managing room rates, and billings, Benson is at the heart of running a successful hotel.

Simplr partnered with Benson after impressing the team with the reservation system we designed for Dream Hotels & Resorts. Benson decided we were a good fit for the team and the results show that they were spot on.

We were tasked to design the new web application, the online booking engine and the new website experience targeting hotel owners.


Simplifying a complex user experience

Simplr kick started the project with thorough research and discovery. This followed with an in-depth user experience process, ensuring that the goals of the application were clearly defined and mapped out. Detailed wireframes were then created to help ensure our journey design was implemented correctly. Our team then created detailed high-fidelity wireframes to inform the user interface design direction.

Designing a consistent brand experience

A brand like Benson Software required a consistent brand experience across all applications and brand touch points. We adhered to the brand guidelines and created a new set of digital rules that were applied throughout.

An intuative web application

The detailed UX and UI helped us to design a clean, modern interface that focused on key features and user engagement. The application is easy to navigate while housing powerful, rich features such as invoicing, rates, reservations and back office reporting. Users vary from front desk clerks, hotel admin and hotel owners, thus keeping the application simple to use within a fast passed environment which is key to the success of the application.

A booking engine without the fuss

An added benefit for a hotel owner using Benson Software is the ability to integrate their room stock with their online website through a Benson online booking engine. We set out to design a generic framework that dynamically pulls in the all the room details from the Benson system. This allows the hotel to do away with creating and managing stock on multiple platforms. The booking engine can easily be integrated into the hotel’s main marketing website. The design of the booking engine is again simple and clean, keeping the focus on users finding what they are looking for and making a booking.

Marketing Site

A responsive marketing website was designed and developed to showcase Benson’s rich features and benefits. Switching hotel PMS’s for a hotel owner is never easy. The Benson website needed to create trust in users that they are making the right decision and that Benson will take care of the hotelier throughout this process. Design cues were carried over from the application such as iconography, colour palette and design direction. The end result is a cohesive brand experience.