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We were approached by Dream Hotels & Resorts to explore and develop a new refreshed brand that would be appealing to both customer and staff.

Through strategic lead insight from brand audit and workshops we developed the brand identity underpinned by a strong brand positioning of “Dream Hotels & Resorts believes that people lead better lives when they are rested and have good meaningful connections with family and friends.”

When developing the brand, we wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia and memorable holidays. The deck chair is an iconic symbol for taking a load off, sitting back and relaxing.

“We have been working with the founders of Simplr for the best part of three years now. Seldom do you find people with such dedication in ensuring that one’s strategic objectives are met and also getting stuck in to ensure things get done timeously, without any compromise of quality whatsoever. They have very quickly understood our vision, and with minimal brief were able to help us take our business to new heights we would not have been able to otherwise. We have come to rely on their input and insight on regular occasions and will continue to do so”

Edwin Swan – Sales and Marketing Manager


Designing a website for a Hotel Group, showcasing various hotels, each with their own characteristics and charm required extensive UI and UX planning. The aim was to highlight all of the hotels and to facilitate and support communication between Dream Hotels and their audience(s). Another key focus point was to design, develop and build an integrated booking system. The end-result was a visually pleasing yet mobile-friendly website, relevant and ready for todays market.