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You are our most valuable currency

Currency Partners is one of South Africa’s largest, truly independent, specialist foreign exchange providers.  Currency Partners prides itself on giving their clients access to the best available pricing and service in the market.

Simplr were initially tasked to develop a visual language style for the brand and reskin the current website.  After conducting both a brand and digital strategic review, we advised Currency Partners, that the brand identity needed to be refreshed to express the brands’ vision and values. The collateral and digital footprint therefore needed to be updated to reflect this strategic intent.

We cleaned up the existing brand mark by simplifying the font.  We also reviewed the colour palette and suggested colours that would reflect their positioning as well as be attractive to their high net worth, customer base.  We developed the visual language style which included various infographics that reflect the transfer transaction between the client and Currency Partners.

We then refreshed the brand identity and rolled out the identity to all collateral elements as well as redesigned the website which needed to ensure the user experience was simple yet highly functional and informative. The signup forms are an importune part of the on boarding process and were designed to be simple to use for the various different target market.

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