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Committed to good

CTG enables humanitarian and development projects, providing employment and logistic services in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Committed to upholding the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, CTG is determined to provide a fair work environment for all and pride themselves on their ethical approach operating in the world’s most challenging environment. CTG stands for ‘Committed to Good’.

The CTG brand identity was inspired by the continuing and spreading results of an event or action. We strategically designed and developed a logomark and graphic elements that supported our conceptual thinking – to compare CTGs ‘action’ to that of a ripple effect, where the results have a lasting positive effect on the people and communities they support. We selected core colours that respresent Partnership, Peace, People and Prosperity, the four pillars that drives the brand forward.

“I cannot thank the Simplr team enough for partnering with us on this incredible re-branding journey – I’m thrilled that the new brand connects with what CTG stands for and what lies at the heart of our company. Little did I know that our new brand would be such an integral part of our business and social good strategy; you gave it more life than I could have ever imagined.  Our website is a great business tool that looks good but also gets across the people aspect of what we do and it continues to grow and evolve. I believe it defines us as a leader and a sustainable business model required by the humanitarian sector.  Truly a great achievement – particularly as concept to completion was achieved remotely between Dubai and Cape Town.”

Alice Laugher – CEO CTG and Chair of UAE WEPs


Adding a digital touch…

We wanted to craft a digital landscape that mirrored the essence of CTG. Our content strategy focused on the lasting effects of CTG and the individuals responsible for it by zeroing in on their experiences on the ground. We created a section specifically dedicated to this, called ‘Stories from the field’. This particular strategy was used to fulfill one of CTGs key objectives; recruiting talent who wants to be at the forefront of change.


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