Agent X

Character Development


Visual Style

Art Direction

Agent X – The Artificial Intelligence bot with real personality

Agent X is an Artificial Intelligence coaching bot that links call centre agents with account information and treatment recommendations during engagement with clients.

We were approached by Principa to create a desktop widget(avatar) to motivate and encourage call centre agents to reach goals and targets.  The avatar needed to represent a mobile phone with “apps” on the home screen.  We created a series of quirky avatars and skins with their own unique personality and style from which the agents could select from.

The purpose of the avatars and skins was to enable the agents to have the ability to personalize the home screen of their desktop screens.   The current screens are black and lifeless and we wanted to create the opportunity for them to make the desktop their own, while still providing encouraging and motivating information at the same time.  The avatars also have the functionality to provide specific client information, project status, last actions and efficiency of the agent.

The avatars were further developed and we created “hats” as accessories for the avatars which represented a higher level of achievement and status.  So as you achieved a higher status, you were rewarded with a new avatar sporting a hat.  From a party hat to a crown, which represented the highest level of achievement.

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