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Creating ‘A-tag’ to inform

Acceleration approached us to re-envisage their visual style and to create a system that is both informative as well as aesthetically pleasing. As a brand they work collaboratively with many organisations globally and therefore needed to have a visual style that was adaptable to any market, brand or style. We developed a linear, moveable ‘A-tag’ device that contains four levels of information.

The ‘A-tag’ can be positioned anywhere within a format and move both vertically or horizontally to achieve optimal placement within the format.

A fair portion of Accelerations work requires impactful yet informative presentations that are able to incorporate any brand. We created a basic template style that can adopt any other brand imagery or colours whilst still allowing Acceleration to keep it’s own visual style.

We often get asked to create bespoke projects that have a niche audience and require conceptual solutions. This document contained a lot of statistics and digital marketing solutions that Acceleration was required to present to a client that ordinarily would have been a standard document. We had the opportunity to bring it to life making it more relevant to the audience.

We developed an internal awareness campaign to inform the staff of the company values. The idea was to allow staff to align themselves with a certain value and to understand what it meant to them and the company. The campaign also allowed the staff to get to know and understand one-another better through the values adoption process.

We created a set of playing cards for client to cross-reference properties across 3 sectors within the US. The cards were used within meetings with their clients to inform strategic outcomes.

Instead of creating yet another Word document, we created an interesting folded brochure that could be read and kept on their desk or mounted to the wall.

Acceleration has an internal awards culture whereby they acknowledge and celebrate longevity within the company, We created a design system that can be added to year on year without having to impact on style.

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